Failure to act in Syria could lead to disaster   

By Waleed Brinjikji, 23 April 2012, Detroit News

Many believed that the strong moving winds of the Arab Spring would quietly subside before reaching Syria. The Hama massacre of 1982, where the father of the current leader killed at least 10,000 innocent civilians is etched into the conscience of the Syrian people — a reminder of the regime’s brutality. However, the yearning for freedom was overwhelming. And so were the costs.

Editorial: Give Syrians some relief

U.S. should consider joining an alliance to establish humanitarian corridors for aiding opposition
By The Detroit News, 20 April 2012, U.S. News & World News

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is undeterred by diplomatic efforts to bring peace to his country, and is clearly not committed to a cease-fire negotiated by the United Nations. The bloody purge of the opposition to his regime continues, with more slayings Thursday and more shelling of rebel strongholds. 

White House to Syrian Rebels: You’re On Your Own

Syrian opposition official says there “isn’t an appetite” for a U.S. military intervention
By John T. Bennett, 9 April 2012, U.S. News & World News

The Obama administration has made clear in closed-door meetings that it will not take additional measures to aid Syrian rebels, even as Bashir al-Assad escalates an already bloody civil conflict.

Massacres in Syria: An Urgent Appeal to our Fellow Americans

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