Host Voices for Syria Speakers Bureau

In accord with the UFS mission to promote freedom, dignity, and democracy in Syria, we actively seek to promote the cause of the Syrian people and to bringing national awareness to their courageous fight for freedom. In a national campaign to keep Syria on the American radar and to educate the general American public, Syrian Americans, as well as U.S policy makers about the Syrian Revolution, we have established the Voices for Syria Bureau.

UFS invites institutions, organizations, and communities to offer a brief presentation and Q&A session about the Syrian Revolution. Such events open the floor for a discussion of the Syrian uprising’s development over the past year, who is the opposition, its position within the context of the Arab Spring, the devolving humanitarian crisis, the role of the U.S. and the international community as it progresses, and other issues of interest.

We are currently working with departments of Middle Eastern, Near Eastern, Political Science, International Law, and other studies in campuses across the United States. In effect, we organize opportunities that bring academic, political, and intellectual audiences experts on the dynamics of the Syrian revolution, individuals who continue to play a critical and defining role in unfolding events. Our speakers include members of the SNC, Syrian American academics and professionals, and other activists.

If you are interested in hosting a discussion on the Syrian Revolution, please submit your details below.

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